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Environmentally friendly toilet paper? Try Who Gives A Crap!

Environmentally friendly toilet paper? Try Who Gives A Crap!

Everybody poops.. but not everybody gives a crap about the environmental buttprint (sorry, I had to) of their poop and what they use to clean their behind has on their health, deforestation and the increasingly fragile ecosystem in which we live.

*takes breath*

But my guess is that if you’re reading this, it probably means you give a crap. Which is why I think today’s article will get you excited about something you’ve most likely never been excited about in your life; toilet paper.

The toilet paper in question is Who Gives A Crap Toilet paper. It’s not your run-of-the-mill type either. It’s an award winning, 100% recycled toilet paper that has raised over $1.2 AUD million to help build toilets in the developing world. Did you know that there are more people with a mobile phone than there are people with toilets? So this is kind of a big deal.

I've been purchasing my toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap for some time now. It started when I was given a roll by a friend to try out, and since then I haven't purchased any other brand. As someone always on the go, the convenience of having my bulk box of toilet rolls delivered to my front door was a big hit.



Receiving your toilet paper is about as exciting as receiving any oversized item with your name on it can get (pretty damn thrilling).

BAIIA eco fashion Who Gives A CrapBAIIA eco fashion Who Gives A Crap


Opening the big box is just as fun… 

Hot tip: the beaaaauuutiful wrapping can be used as gift wrapping and because I am constantly sending things, I scrunch the paper up and use it as padding for my parcels. Here are some other crazily creative things to do with your wrapping.


I usually store all of the toilet rolls in my closet, with a few rolls on the window shelf by the loo JUST in case ;-) But with the new wrapping I’ve been showing off the rolls by lining them along the bathroom window shelf to hopefully spark any passerby's curiosity.

BAIIA eco fashion Who Gives A Crap


I once caught my flatmate sneaking into my room to steal some of my Who Gives A Crap rolls. She wasn't out of toilet paper herself, she just liked mine better … I’ll let that little story speak for itself.

Compared to my old brand of recycled toilet roll, Who Gives A Crap is more quilted and surprisingly good quality for the recycled variety of toilet paper. It’s strong and more absorbent than I expected. It’s a no BS kinda toilet paper - no fancy printing or added fragrances, just efficient, trusty, gets-the-job-done (softly) toilet paper.

Hot tip: if you’re wanting cloud-like softness in your toilet paper, check out their newest addition of Bamboo Rolls (I’ve also had these and I really liked them). While I usually only buy the 100% recycled rolls and still love them, the bamboo rolls are next level softness.



Purchasing my $48 per box for 48 rolls = 25¢ per 100 sheets (this includes shipping) works out really well in comparison to my previously purchased recycled toilet roll from Woolies (Icare Toilet Tissue) which were 28¢ per 100 sheets. While the previous brand is 3¢ more expensive per 100 sheets, they don’t donate anything to charities, the rolls were covered in plastic and I didn’t have the convenience of having them shipped to me for free.

Who Gives A Crap Recycled Toilet Paper

When you compare the price to Australia’s most popular brand of toilet roll (Kleenex which is roughly 30¢ per 100 sheets!!) and they aren’t even recycled, it seems like a no brainer. (FYI toilet tissue accounts for approximately 15% of the world’s deforestation so why there are still brands that don't use recycled paper baffles me)



Helping the world, one wipe at a time.


The quality, ethos and feel good component of this toilet paper literally has me raving about it to friends & family. I’ve since converted my sister as well as both of my flatmates (thanks to the clever placement of pretty toilet rolls along the window shelf - it works). We now all put in every month to order a box from Who Gives a Crap, so when they asked to partner up with BAIIA (because duh, our customers are the ultimate give-a-crappers) and offer you all a free trial, I was so excited to spread the word even further! 

So, even after all of this you might still be asking 'what is it about a box of toilet paper that makes her so damn excited?'. Find out for yourself with a free trial here. You'll get 4 of their award-winning rolls to try out before you even have to think about buying, how good is that?

What's better is that if you DO decide to buy, you'll know that your purchase is helping to build toilets for those who are forced to live with poor sanitation, supporting the prevention of deforestation, and taking care of your delicate bits all with one wipe. I reckon that's something to give a crap about.

Amber x

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