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Pronounced "bai-ah".  Meaning: one who has the capacity to change the world for the better.


Amber Boyers is not only the founder & creator of BAIIA, but also the heart, vision & soul of our loved eco swimwear label. With an affection for swimwear & coastal living being intimately knit into her first & fondest memories, her passion for BAIIA is no surprise. Raised in Munda, a small beachside town in the Solomon Islands, Amber spent much of her early life by the ocean, exploring freely. Swimwear naturally became more than just something to wear, it was her permission to explore mother nature, whilst also empowering pure embodiment and presence. With the drive of such powerful and important memories, Amber has passionately devoted her life to creating pieces that empower women to feel confident, embodied and self-assured.

During her study of fashion design Amber became increasingly alarmed at how mainstream fashion industry practices were so disconnected and damaging to the natural environment. Two overseas trips and a business and marketing degree later, Amber became even more disheartened by the lack of genuine care that her professional industries presented. Not being one to sit back passively, she started The Conscious Cut, a blog dedicated to sharing ethical/eco fashion brand alternatives. Amber searched high & low for a sustainable swimwear label which incorporated versatile, flattering, well fitting and timeless designs - unfortunately finding nothing. BAIIA label was born; and quickly celebrated, being awarded Laureate Business award for Sustainable and Social Good Projects (2017).

Determined to continue creating unique and feminine swimwear that empowers all women and honours sustainable practice, Amber designed a world first three piece swimsuit that women can adjust to best suit their body shape. Her sophisticated design won her emerging designer of the year for DHL Australia (2018). Since then, women of all body shapes & ages, from all over the world have been celebrating the designs and ideals that BAIIA embodies so powerfully.


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