Wrapsuit Bum Coverage: We've got your cheeks covered. – Baiia Swimwear
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Wrapsuit Bum Coverage: We've got your cheeks covered.

Wrapsuit Bum Coverage: We've got your cheeks covered.

Neither cheeky nor boy-leg, our backside coverage is the perfect mix between the two - offering the benefits of both. This is the 5th revision of our signature wrapsuit, each time refining the design based on customer feedback to finally land on our best backside coverage yet.

Our newest release features coverage that our customers have since loved! We've made it more conservative, but not so covered that it starts resembling full coverage or a boy-leg cut. While some women may still like more coverage, we found that the more fabric we started to add in that area, the more the seams started to dig in to the skin as it curved further down the cheek. To avoid this from happening, we intentionally avoided adding any further fabric - keeping our cut seamless (so you can make lines in the sand.. not on your bumcheeks).

Baiia backside coverage

We made sure to add images of 4 different women wearing the wrapsuits in this post. Why? Because how the suit sits on the body will vary from shape to shape. For example, the coverage amount can depend on your torso length (the longer your torso, the more cheeky the backside of our wrapsuit will appear).

Our suits can only be as good as the feedback we receive from our beloved customers, so make sure to reach out and let us know what you'd like to see added, removed or kept the same in future wrapsuit designs! We are all ears :)

Please also note: the design of the suit is made so that the fabric, specifically around your hips, will naturally soften with wear. So don't fret if the suit feels very snug around your hips at first! It's important to note that the nature of swimwear fabric is to become more generous in stretch when wet too.

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