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You might be wondering what to expect from your first swimsuit and if it’s normal for your Baiia to feel snug. To answer simply: yes, it’s completely normal! But how do I know if what I’m experiencing isn’t normal? Let’s dive right in and explain what’s to be expected when it comes to trying on your first Baiia swimsuit.



Baiia's most celebrated creations, the reversible Wrapsuit and Bikini is like nothing ever been made before. Much-loved for their innovative and unique designs, the Baiia swimsuit has often been compared to shapewear because of its special shape-controlling and figure sculpting properties.

Made from thick premium fabrics sourced from recycled plastics, Baiia swimsuits naturally feel a lot firmer and snug than regular swimsuits, especially when first putting it on. What you’ll find with your swimsuit is that over time it will soften to your shape whilst still maintaining it’s support. Generally, after 3-4 wears (average of 2-3 hours per wear) you will notice how much more comfortable and moulded to your body the swimsuit now feels - with a bit of patience they’re perfect! It’s also important to mention that swimwear fabric will naturally be more generous in stretch when in contact with water, so generally we advise against wearing a swimsuit that’s initial fit is loose, as it will only soften more over time. 

If you've reached this point and you’re still feeling a little unsure, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks in finding that perfect fit. Continue reading below to find out more. 


If you’re experiencing some resistance when pulling up the bottoms, we first recommend our customers pull at the outside seam of the leg opening; this will loosen the plastic elastic inside and may help to get the suit on a little easier. The reversible and unique seamless nature of Baiia pieces is achieved through sewing this elastic between the two layers of fabric within our swimsuits, which results in a flattering smooth finish with no harsh lines on the skin. So if you feel some initial resistance and hear snapping, don’t fret, this is completely normal and merely the elastic being worn in for the first time and moulding to your unique shape. 

Once your bottoms are on we suggest wearing it around the house for a few hours and testing how it feels when you walk or sit. This will not only further warm the suit up to being worn and will stretch the plastic elastic within the seams, but it will also help you understand whether you do indeed have your best fit. Most of the time you will find that your Baiia suit just needed some wearing to truly mould and sculpt to your beautiful shape.

Ideally, you want your bottoms to initially feel snug and slightly dig in the back-side area, as this will help the them to sit in place and avoid the fabric from riding up. However, if you after trying all these tricks, you are still experiencing uncomfortable tightness, it may mean you need to size up, or if you’re experiencing riding up, rolling of the fabric, gaping or looseness in this area, this often means to size down. 



Ensuring you have the best support possible means your Bikini top needs to have an initial firm fit around the bust with no looseness around the straps. The reversible nature of our Bikinis and Wrapsuits means there is no padding or wire, so if bust support is a priority, a snug fit is important.

If you’ve received your top and you have some concerns about tightness, we recommend pulling the chest piece on from the legs up. If this doesn’t work for your shape, pulling at the outside seams of the top can also help loosen the plastic in the fabric and soften the piece. We find after people have done this, they often find putting on the top is now a lot easier. Once you have the top on, wearing it around the house for an hour or two may also just give you that extra confidence that the top is the right fit for you. We usually recommend this if your hips are smaller and to minimise shoulder movement. 



Depending on your torso length, you may need to size up or down in our Baiia Wrapsuits to have your perfect fit. If you’re experiencing some tension in the shoulders and crotch area, the chances are you have a long torso and might need to go up a size. Similarly, if you’re finding there is an overall looseness, a size down might be the solution. For others, our unique shape might mean the bikini works best for us as it allows the option to purchase different sizes in the top and bottom. If you’re unsure about how your torso length affects your suit, our fit experts are only one email away!



While we say our suits should feel snug, they should never feel completely impossible to wear. Your comfort is our absolute priority, and you’ll know better than anyone what your comfort level is. Our fit experts are always delighted to facilitate size exchanges and undergo fit consultations to review your perfect size. Just head to our virtual fit consultation and fill out the form, or alternatively send through an email to our fit experts @ with your bust, waist, hips and torso measurements (head to our sizing page if you need some help on measuring). 

It’s also important that when contacting us that you note your point of discomfort, as we also offer alterations assistance so that you can customise your suit for the perfect fit. For instance, if your top feels perfect around your waist but loose around the straps, your local seamstress should be able to assist you with taking it up the inch needed. All our bodies are beautifully unique and sometimes with just a few tweaks and adjustments you’ll be enjoying your best Baiia summer yet in your stunning swimsuit!

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