Get to know the female-founder behind Baiia

Get to know the female-founder behind Baiia

To celebrate the women who inspire us endlessly, we’re turning our focus towards our Founder & Designer, Amber, with her passion for inclusivity and ability to bring positive change to the fashion industry. With her dedication to always amplifying diversity in size, age and shape, she has always understood the importance of all women feeling represented, heard and celebrated.

8 years after the Baiia journey began Amber remains an advocate for women, inspiring her team and fostering a compassionate community that starts right here at the Baiia HQ and travels all across the globe to the homes of countless women experiencing confidence in their swimwear, possibly for the very first time. 

As we move through Women’s History Month this March we want you all to get to know the woman behind Baiia that little bit more. 

In honour of Women’s History Month and the IWD theme of “Inspire Inclusion”, how does the message resonate with you as a woman and a business owner?

There’s absolutely no doubt that women have faced barriers to entry in the business world that men haven’t, but as those barriers have begun to crumble, we've witnessed an explosion of creativity, innovation, and growth. Women-led businesses are not only driving economic prosperity but also shaping industries, pioneering new technologies, and redefining the evolution of our culture.

Every day, I witness the transformative power of inclusion. By embracing diversity in our leadership, team, and who we serve, we tap into so many varying perspectives and experiences that fuel our innovation. I believe that when women are included and empowered in business, everyone benefits. It's not just about creating opportunities for women; it's about unlocking the full potential of humanity to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


How do you overcome being a woman in business especially in a traditionally male-dominated industry? 

I've learned to leverage any misconceptions or underestimations to my advantage, using them as fuel to exceed expectations and prove that gender, or being ‘different’ is not a limitation to success.

Mindset is everything in business, particularly in instances where I felt overshadowed or ignored. So trying to reframe things and actively look for any advantages I have as a woman in business has served me. For example, I believe that certain qualities come more naturally to women. Traits like empathy and deep listening aren't typically emphasized in business schools, yet they’re crucial for creating products that truly enhance people's lives. Many brands catering to women are led by men, but their customers are sick of male-centric designs and business practices. They seek someone who understands the female experience and body, designing specifically for them. I always remind myself that being a woman in business gives me a significant advantage when serving my community. Remembering the unique advantages I have as a woman has always helped me overcome challenges. 

 What do you love about working in a predominantly female environment?

Being surrounded by women from different backgrounds brings such a richness to our workplace culture and perspectives. It allows us to each bring a unique view and skills to the table, fostering creativity, innovation and empathy in our work and the things we create.

Personally, it helps me feel connected and supported. You spend so much time at work, and as a founder, it almost takes up your whole life. It’s important to have others around who genuinely share the same vision to foster an empathetic, supportive system in the workplace that we all need to thrive personally, and I’m grateful that all the women in our team share that.

 Who are the women in your life that inspire you day to day?

My mum, obviously! My team, friends, sister, aunties and support network. There are a bunch of creators I follow who are thought leaders when it comes to business, life and innovation. Having the ability to be inspired by other women through a podcast at the click of a button (something previous generations didn’t have access to) is something I’m so grateful for.

Amber Guyulgang


What improvements would you like to see that amplify inclusivity and equity for all industries? 

I think it’s important that all industries question whether their current system genuinely fosters an open workspace where people feel safe to voice any personal concerns. 

Specifically concerning women, I’d love to see more cultural support regarding women's reproductive health, as well as motherhood, and its impact on our careers. At Baiia, we provide flexible working arrangements for our female team members who are experiencing menstrual discomfort or conditions, should they need it. This also extends to our mothers on the team; we truly want them to create a better balance for themselves and their family. It's vital that women aren't sidelined in the workforce due to factors beyond their control—issues that men may not have to consider. I would love to see more support from businesses, but also the government, to help women thrive professionally, even as they navigate these significant life stages.

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