How to sustainably care for your swimsuit

Greener choices when caring for your garments

How you wash your clothes is not something that we dwell on too often, it’s muscle memory at this point for most of us, but did you know that things like how you dry your clothes or what detergent you use, can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your clothing? Or did you know that everytime you wash your clothes you’re releasing hundreds of thousands of toxic microplastics into our waste water and thus into our delicate environment? Below we’ve compiled a list of greener alternatives when it comes to caring for your garments.

Guppy Friend is a garment washing bag that is a scientifically proven solution to reduce micro plastic pollution. Simply place your garments in the bag before their usual wash, and viola! ​​The broken off fibers collect in the corners of the bag and can be easily removed and disposed off afterwards. While we usually recommend hand washing your Baiia swimwear, the Guppy Friend is a great solution to stopping those pesky micro plastics.
Guppy washing bag for micro-plastics


Here at Baiia we know the extra time it takes your clothes to air dry as opposed to just using the dryer can be frustrating, but did you know that dryer is not kind to the environment or your Baiia Swimsuit. Prioritising air drying is always the  way to go and added bonus your clothes last longer when you air dry because there's less wear and tear than when you use the dryer.
Air-dry your swimwear

Green Laundry detergent 

When in doubt, go green! Make the switch to a more eco-friendly detergent, preferably one that is phosphorus-free. Or better still, choose a detergent that is entirely free of synthetic chemicals. Bonus points if you choose a liquid detergent as it can be a safer option for washing coloured clothes because many powdered detergents contain bleaching agents. As well as a fabric softener which can increase the strength of clothing fibres and make them last longer.
We suggest using ocean friendly washing detergent

Storing Your Swimsuit 

How you store your clothes is vital to their longevity. Here at baiia we recommend you store your swimsuits in a dry place to avoid moisture and mold damage. Make sure you store them properly and with care. Hot tip, if you stack your clothes horizontally you’re less tempted to buy things, and more conscious with your consumerism.
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