How Baiia Swimsuits Are Seamless And Reversible

How Baiia Swimsuits Are Seamless And Reversible

You might be wondering how it’s possible for Baiia swimsuits to be both reversible and seamless? Well we’re letting you in on some of our exclusive design secrets and showing you just how we achieve that effortless seamless look.


All Baiia swimsuits are seamless so that you can wear them and know that it will stay comfortable all day and allow you to move with ease. The seamless edge of the design results in a flattering smooth finish with no harsh lines on the skin and digging in - no more dreaded double bums here!


The reversible and seamless nature of Baiia pieces is achieved through sewing and overlocking between the two layers of fabric within our swimsuits. Since all of this stitch-work is kept internal to ensure you can style our suits as many ways as possible, we’ve worked and modified to hide our seams in the least visible locations…. so no one needs to know but you and us.

You’ll find the small exposed seams (less than 2cm) in the inner crotch area of your bikini and Wrapsuit, as well as hidden in the side seam of your Bikini top or Wrapsuit chest piece. This small stitching is purely to achieve full reversibility, a flattering fit and does not affect the functionality or wearability of any of our designs. 


As for the colouring of the seam stitch, you may notice a light finish or hints of white - this is completely normal! All of our pieces are slowly handmade so each finish isn't always the same. We use a heat-sublimation printing process to colour our suits as mentioned in our T & C's. This minimises water usage and only involves eco-friendly dyes for our high quality Italian fabrics that originally start off white. As the crotch seam is a place of tension this results in the fabric to look lighter in this specific area.

How our swimsuits seamless and reversible 


Swimsuits that are designed using exposed seams and stitch work are often not reversible and can sometimes dig in. While on the other hand, you'll find seamless swimsuits are incredibly comfortable, sit smoothly on your body (almost like a second skin), contour to your curves, and enhance your beautiful assets. The reversible and double-lined nature of the seamless swimsuit also means you’ll get longer wearability out of the style, that coupled with high-quality fabrics, seamless swimsuits will be by your side for years to come. Needless to say, seamless swimsuits get our vote of confidence!

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