Is our Wrapsuit suitable during pregnancy?

Is our Wrapsuit suitable during pregnancy?

We love mummas at Baiia, and we are always trying to find ways to make them feel their best. While our Wrapsuits are not specifically designed for maternity wear, we’ve had many of our customers wear their Wrapsuits through their earlier months! In this post we’ve outlined some common queries, how the Wrap works for you, and what you can expect from sizing. Whether it will be suitable for your pregnancy depends on what you’re looking for out of your swimsuit. 

To better understand our Wrapsuit, we’ve explained the construction of our unique three-piece design here. 

Our Wrapsuit is made up of three individual pieces; body piece, chest piece, and waist tie. These three pieces together make the appearance of the Wrapsuit we all know and love. While our Wrapsuit allows for a certain amount of adjustability, remember that is not the same as a traditional wrap-style garment with an adjustable tie.

Our three-piece Wrapsuits feature firm fabrics that are either double or triple-lined depending on the style. This results in an initial snug fit that will soften with wear. We suggest going for our double-lined suits for minimal compression and best comfort during your pregnancy. Most ladies take at least one size up for their best fit. If you’d like to stick with your regular size and simply wear your Wrapsuit during the earlier months of your pregnancy, this works too! Keep in mind though that Baiia is meant to be shaping swimwear, so it will feel firm both at first wear and while your baby bump grows. While our fabric is made to soften with wear and grow with you to some extent, it is designed to be shaping and provide a level of compression. 

Here's the lovely Ruth, Nicole and Mimi wearing our Wrapsuits during their pregnancy which might help you get an idea of how they might look on your beautiful baby bump. Ruth was 6 months, Nicole was 7/8 months and Mimi was approximately 5 months. They all varied in their perfect size, as each woman is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Ruth (@ruthsteel_) went for her usual size.

Nicole (@nwhitee) went 2 sizes up from her usual size.

Mimi (@mimz_katdon) went one size up from her usual size.

We’ve also had post-pregnant mamas find this design breast-feeding friendly by simply pulling the chest-piece up or down!

Beautiful Hannah (@hannah.paria) shares this moment with us 

Ultimately, the Wrapsuit is intended to be figure-sculpting and shaping swimwear. While we’ve had many women wear their Wrapsuits during pregnancy, it may not be suitable for every individual pregnancy, nor may it be as fitted as it may be with your regular size. Most of our customers only wear their Wrapsuit up to 6 months but this all depends on you, your bump and your comfort. If you're having difficulties with sizing, please get in touch with one of our fit Experts and we'd be more than happy to recommend a size based on your current measurements. 

We find most pregnant Baiia Women style their Wrapsuit in our classic way, with the tie in a bow on the side. For more styling inspiration, you can read this blog post, check out our instagram feed or email us for any extra tips!

While we have had many women wearing Baiia sutis through their pregnancy, please remember that the Wrapsuit is not specifically designed for maternity wear. Please consult your GP or other medical professional for any specific advice on your situation if unsure on the suitability of this garment.

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