Baiia Wrapsuit - What Are the Three Pieces?

Baiia Wrapsuit - What Are the Three Pieces?


Baiia Wrapsuits are the first of their kind - a three piece swimsuit. You may be thinking: "We know they look great, but what are the three pieces... and why three pieces anyway?"

We've answered both of those questions and more in this blog!

What are the three pieces?

Baiia Wrapsuits consist of three individual pieces: body piece, chest piece and the tie. Put these together, and you have unlimited elegant combinations. All Baiia pieces are fully reversible and seamless for ultimate wearability and all-day comfort.



Pictured here is the Tanami (left) and the Tahiti (right). Photo courtesy of @ruthsteel_, GIF is our own. 


Why three pieces? We’re glad you asked!

Firstly, our unique 3 piece design allows for complete reversibility, as well as the opportunity to mix and match your Wrapsuit to create even more combinations. See our mix and match blog here for some of our favourite suits to pair together. One swimsuit, endless possibilities!

Secondly, this allows for versatile styling; four swimsuits in one! 

And the last (and possibly the most important) reason: it’s much more flattering for the shape than a traditional one-piece. The three pieces in our unique design work together in harmony to emphasise your curves and show off your best features. The tie helps to cinch in the waist and the chest piece assists with bust support and lift. 

Our unique Wrapsuit design does not have any panelling like many other pieces of shaping swimwear - this design choice allows for full reversibility. Instead, the way we support your figure is through our luxuriously thick fabrics and our three piece design, which helps to flatter your natural shape and hug your body in all the right places. All our swimsuits are either double or triple-lined with our ultra firm, high quality Italian fabrics. These firm fabrics help with compression and support of all areas, including tummy control. Our suits are designed to begin as a very firm fit that softens to your shape with wear, while still retaining support. 

A bonus feature of the three piece design is the ability to interchange sizes in the event that you need a different size on the top than the bottom. If this is something you would like to organise for yourself, get in touch with our fit experts for further details on how we can make this happen!

How can I style my Wrapsuit? 

One swimsuit, four ways to wear. Once you throw another swimsuit into the mix, you can achieve up to 15 styling combinations. 

With the option for traditional wrap, V-neck, halter neck and more, the possibilities are endless with a Baiia Wrapsuit. See the graphic below on the combinations possible with just one swimsuit. 

Featured here are the Ipanema, Banksia and Mossman

Your Wrapsuit is also the perfect beach to bar companion, pairing perfectly with white linen trousers, sarong wraps and more for a trendy and understated outfit. Check out our styling blog for inspiration!

Check the mix and match blog for more of our favourite Wrapsuit combinations, but remember the possibilities are endless...

Why seamless?

A seamless edge results in no harsh lines on the skin and no digging in. All Baiia pieces are reversible and seamless so you can wear the suit and know that it will stay comfortable all day and move with you as a second skin (and you won’t end up with the dreaded double-bum that can sometimes happen when your swimsuits dig in). 

Because of the reversibility, expect a small exposed seam on all three pieces of the swimsuit - they are virtually invisible and in inconspicuous locations, but they are necessary to give each piece of the Wrapsuit an anchor point.

Want to know more about seamless swimmers? Check out this video: at 3:20 Nat explains invisible seams and their benefits.

Any more questions? Check out our FAQs or email, live chat or DM us. We’re all ears and ready to help you find your best fit.

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