ShipAid Delivery Guarantee

 ShipAid FAQs

1. What is ShipAid?

ShipAid is our stress free delivery protection.  Should your order be lost, stolen or damaged while in transit, ShipAid ensures you qualify for a replacement or refund.


2. How much does ShipAid cost?

ShipAid Delivery Guarantee starts at $0.99 and is calculated at 3% of your total order value, with a capped maximum fee of $15. 


3. What does ShipAid cover?

Loss - Should your item be declared lost by our delivery partners, we will replace or refund your order.

Theft - Should your package be stolen while in the possession of our delivery partners we will replace your order. Please note, once the item is delivered to your address the coverage ends. 

Damage – Should your item/s be damaged while in the possession of our delivery partners we will replace your order. Please note, once the package has been delivered, the coverage expires.


4. What does ShipAid not cover?

ShipAid does not cover theft after the package has been marked delivered, so please monitor your shipment via the tracking information that is provided in your dispatch email.

Undelivered packages due to an incorrect or insufficient address. We will ship to the address that is provided by the customer and have no means to verify if an address is correct. If your order is returned to us due to an incorrect or insufficient address, you will be contacted by our Customer Care team to organise re-delivery.

Delayed or late deliveries. We cannot guarantee delivery by any given date. Due to factors outside of our control, including weather or seasonal disruptions, delayed deliveries do not qualify as a valid claim.


5. What if something happens to my order and I have not opted-in?

We will support you to seek any compensation available from our delivery partners, but we cannot guarantee that the claim will be successful, nor can we guarantee how much compensation will be granted.


6. I have an issue with my delivery. How can I file a claim?

Simply fill in your details on the claims portal HERE. Our Customer Care team will action your claim within 5 business days.