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Baiia X Binda Botanicals

Update - 14th July: We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals who graciously supported our collaborative endeavor with Binda Botanicals. We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming response we received, resulting in the complimentary Binda Sunscreen stock selling out much sooner than anticipated. As a consequence, the free sunscreen promotion has now officially ended. Nevertheless, we remain committed to further highlighting Binda Botanicals throughout the remainder of this month, as we firmly believe in the brand's exceptional qualities.

With NAIDOC Week fast approaching, we embrace the chance to express our solidarity with Indigenous communities, amplify their voices, and honour their everlasting legacy. It is with great excitement that we unveil our collaboration with
Binda Botanicals throughout the month of July! T & C's Apply.
We are delighted to offer a complimentary Binda Vegan Organic Nganyi Traditional Sunscreen with every purchase made in July.* This special partnership with Binda Botanicals, a thriving Indigenous enterprise, allows us to recognise their deep wisdom and unwavering commitment to our natural surroundings. We value the opportunity to showcase these principles to our wonderful Baiia community and encourage everyone to embrace this moment as a time of reflection, for expanding our knowledge, and paying homage to these esteemed communities that are an integral part of our cultural fabric.
Binda Sunscreen tubes in a basket. The packaging is black and aqua coloured.
Who is Binda Botanicals?
Binda is an Aboriginal word for waterfalls from the Ma:Mu people of Tropical North Queensland. Founded in 2021, Binda Botanicals was inspired by a lush natural landscape of dense rainforest foliage, cascading waters and the myriad of wildlife amongst our unique Australian landscapes. Inspired by the beauty of our natural surrounds, Binda Botanicals is an Indigenous-owned company producing their collection of natural, sustainable sunscreens right here in Australia. Founded by Wade Kreuger, a proud Ma:Mu man, and Steve Magro a proud Murrawarri man, Binda Botanicals was born out of their mutal love of country, its vibrant landscape and the tenacity of its people. 
This year’s NAIDOC theme ‘For Our Elders’ resonates with history of Binda Botanicals. Binda’s naming journey began with proper consultation with the founders’ Aunties and Uncles as well as the Elders from Ma:Mu Country in Innisfail, Cairns. Everything from the brand’s logo, name and story has been guided by the Elders of this community.
What is their mission?
Co-founders Wade and Steve share a love for natural products that avoid harsh chemicals as well as a drive to promote the importance of sun safety to First Nations peoples and beyond. They created Binda Botanicals to address the health disparities in these communities and are proud to give back as much as possible by providing free sunscreen to Indigenous businesses, Not-For-Profit organistions and community groups. In addition, 10% of every piece sold directly from Binda is donated to First Nation Communities. 
About the Sunscreen
This vegan, SPF 50+ and broad spectrum sunscreen is created ethically and sustainably, and includes skin-loving ingredients such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. This sunscreen is reef safe, non-comedogenic and is gentle on skin while being safe for the environment too. 
Binda Sunscreen tube with benefits highlighted in text around the image.
Learn more about Binda Botanicals and thier entire range here.
This July, join us in embracing the vibrant traditions and stories - let the celebration ignite your soul! This is a time to honour the wisdom, resilience, and cultural legacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Let's come together in unity and appreciation, standing proudly by their side. In the spirit of celebration, we relish the chance shine a spotlight on just a few our favourite Indigenous businesses making change today. 
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