Does the Wrapsuit work for small busts?

Does the Wrapsuit work for small busts?

We’ve received a lot of enquiries lately about whether our Wrapsuits are suitable for small busts. The answer is yes!

There is a common misconception that our swimsuits are created exclusively for curvy, big-busted ladies. This is simply not the case! 

Amber, the designer and founder of Baiia originally designed the suit for herself as a petite, small-busted figure. Through the years, our design revisions have meant that we’ve been able to cater for all body types while still staying a great suit for the itty bitty committee!

The suit is designed to have a firm fit which means that there should be no space on your straps with the correct size. Since the suit is not padded, the suit lies flat against your skin and you don’t need to worry about needing to fill any padding; the suit will simply stretch to your shape and be held in place. The suit also naturally helps to enhance the appearance of cleavage if that’s something you’re looking for. 

See this comparison of our founder Amber in a traditional bikini top versus a Baiia Wrapsuit and see for yourself.





Finding the best and most flattering size for your unique shape all comes down to your measurements and how they look together. This is where your torso length also comes into play. 

We usually find ladies with a shorter torso finding their perfect fit in a size smaller than their measurements may suggest. This isn’t always the case as all bodies are beautifully unique, so we recommend getting in touch with our fit experts for the best size recommendation. We don’t yet include the torso measurements on our size chart as it’s hard to measure this accurately and broadly, however our fit team uses your torso measurements as an additional piece of information to paint the best picture of your size. 

Additionally, there’s a few styling hacks you can try for extra bust lift and security. 

Halter Neck

The halter neck style isn’t just for bustier ladies - it can enhance cleavage on a smaller bust too, as well as provide you with extra security. See this how-to video on how to tie in halter-neck style. 


Another option is the V-neck - this stunning style is a favourite of many customers as well as some of our team. With the V neck, you create a lower neckline as well as pull the suit down towards the navel - this gives you more security and minimises any space. It also emphasises the waist if you’re looking to highlight your curves. You can create this look with the use of your handy waist tie - check out this video of Amber styling the Wrapsuit to see the V-neck in action, either with a front bow or a back bow. 

Some customers may choose to wear padding cups from another bikini top to enhance shape. While there is no slot available for inserting padding (to allow for full reversibility), the thick and supportive fabrics will allow the cups to stay in place should you choose to wear them, provided you have the correct size. 

We also offer an alterations assistance program for ladies who would like to make minor changes to their suit in order to achieve the most perfect fit possible. Get in touch with our fit experts for more information and see what we can recommend for you :)

As always, if you have any questions or want to know more, get in touch with us at: and we'll be so happy to help. 

We also have a blog-post dedicated to our larger-busted ladies here.


Lots of love from the Baiia Girls x

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