Dahlia Skirt

How-To Wear: The Dahlia Wrap Skirt

With its allure, femininity, and playful charm, our versatile new wrap skirt, the Dahlia Skirt, is bound to capture your heart and lift your soul. Its multi-wear design allows for complete customisability, allowing each wearer to feel empowered and effervescent. Crafted from lightweight recycled polyester fabric, it captures the essence of summer with its fluid silhouette and adaptability. Whether you're strolling along the beach in a casual tee, using it as a stylish cover-up for your bikini, or transforming it into a dress for a night out, the Dahlia Skirt effortlessly infuses any ensemble with an air of femininity.
Now, let's unravel the styling secrets and unlock the full potential of this beloved Baiia favorite.

To achieve the timeless look of a classic wrap skirt, align the skirt at your desired waist or hip height. Take the tie on the left side, wrap it around your body, and thread it through the large buttonhole along the waist band. Wrap the ties around your body and finish with a gorgeous bow. The result is a sophisticated and feminine look that never goes out of style.

Green Dahlia Multiway Skirt styled on model

Ready to make a statement? Begin by taking one end of the skirt and draping it over and across your bust, allowing the waist tie to drape over one shoulder. Hold in place at the shoulder and wrap the remainder of the skirt around, passing it underneath your armpit and across your back. Take the ties and wrap them around your waist as many times as your desire, securing them with a charming bow. Now you're dressed to impress with an ensemble that exudes confidence and allure.
Green Dahlia Multiway Skirt styled on model
Let's take the strapless style to new heights by transforming it into a chic halter neck look. Follow the setup as you would for the strapless style, but instead of finishing with a bow, bring the straps up and behind your neck. Secure them with a delightful bow at the nape of your neck, creating an alluring and sophisticated halter neck silhouette. Whether you choose to wear it loosely over your swimsuit or utilize the hidden button clasps for a secure fit, this style will undoubtedly turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Green Multiway Dahlia Skirt styled on model
Looking for a carefree and effortless style? Align the skirt so that your back is centered in the garment. Bring both sides of the skirt around underneath your armpits, using the ties to create a single cross knot above your bust in the center of your chest. Finish off with a perfectly tied bow. Wear it loosely and let it flow over your swimsuit, or for added security, utilize the hidden button clasps along the edges to prevent any unexpected slippages in the wind.
Green Dahlia Skirt styled on model
The endless ways prevails, discover even more ways to wear and how to turn into a mini dress or open-cut with Amber, here.
Dahlia Multiway Wrap Skirt Green on Amber
Let your creativity flow and embrace the versatility of this enchanting garment. Elevate your style, embrace your femininity, and let the Dahlia Skirt be your trusted companion for any occasion. 
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