the making of the tulum animal print

From concept to creation: the Tulum print

Along the azure Caribbean seas and warm sands, stands the captivating Tulum. A Baiia exclusive print thoughtfully designed in-house, here’s a closer look of how this unique take on animal print came together from concept to illustrations to the final artwork.
Original animal print swatches by Baiia


Inspired by the lush tropical jungle and the wondrous wildlife. The Tulum will take you to a place where steamy days are contrasted to warm soft sands, crisp, cool water and rustling palm leaves.

moodboard for the tulum animal print swimsuit


Baiia’s founder envisioned a timeless animal print with a twist, something that could transcend trends and live amongst Baiia’s existing iconic swimwear and beach styles. Working closely with our talented graphic designer, Jas who helped bring this vision to life. Starting by drawing a Zebra print, Jas infused palm leaf detailing into the design in swirls of black and warm sand tones. 

behind the scenes with Baiia graphic designer


Collection of pieces by baiia featuring the tulum animal print

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